Why Choose Temple Emanu-El?

  • Dramatically reduced Membership Dues

  • Free Religious School Tuition with Membership

  • Free High Holiday Tickets with Membership

  • Popular Friday night services  

  • All family situations welcome

  • Elective Torah study and other groups

  • Adult-oriented social and cultural activities

  • State-certified infant care

  • State-certified nursery school

  • Free Universal Pre-K Program

  • Religious school with post-Bar/Bat Mitvah programs

  • Youth group / youth leadership programs



Important News and Upcoming Events

"Temple Emanu-El's Board of Directors has approved a dramatic reduction in our dues to make membership more affordable for all of you. This, coupled with the elimination of Religious School tuition presents an extraordinary opportunity not just for our current members but also for the community at large.  Family membership is now $1,200 per year; single parent families $900; two person couples $600 and individuals $300.  This includes ticket(s) for the high holidays as well.

I ask all of you to share this news with friends and neighbors. Please feel free to contact the Temple office for additional details."